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Athens Short Cut Tour

Price start from 40.00

Every Day   10am to 12.30pm

Duration (2.5 Hrs - 9km)

Category - EASY

This is our Electric Bicycle Tour that you want to join to see most of Athens sights in a small amount of time. Still at an easy pace we will pass by the major attractions in the center of Athens.

Attractions passing by

  • ·         Monastiraki Square    
  • ·         Psiri
  • ·         Roman Market           
  • ·         Temple of the winds
  • ·         Plaka
  • ·         Syntagma Square
  • ·         National Garden         
  • ·         Zappeio Megaron     
  • ·         Kallimarmaro Stadium
  • ·         Theatre of Herodes
  • ·         New Acropolis Museum
  • ·         Filopappou Hill


This is a fast trip passing by the main Sights of Athens and will give you an impressive idea about the beauty and richness of Athens and its history!


Trip includes:

·         Electric Bicycle (Pedelec)

·         Helmet

·         Tour guide

·         500cc bottle of water